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Entry #5


2010-04-22 15:26:06 by Xargonus

I submitted some musics to audio portal a month ago, but they are still "waiting for approval". Coft sent his music two weeks after I did but it is already published. WTF is it ?

Here you can online wait for the musics, so have fun...

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Long - Madness Visit


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2010-07-07 23:45:40

that just sucks badly i mean now its another 3 months later and the songs are still not in the audio portal and there absolutely wonderful songs


2010-10-01 09:56:51

it is because you are banned from the audio portal the same thing happened to me even though i submitted a good song. Try and submit those songs again and if it won't let you then you are banned.


2011-01-26 07:40:11

Well, good music. But it's in a way kinda easy make musics like this with your program...

Xargonus responds:

hmm, i spent 3 hours making that music.