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2010-04-22 15:26:06 by Xargonus

I submitted some musics to audio portal a month ago, but they are still "waiting for approval". Coft sent his music two weeks after I did but it is already published. WTF is it ?

Here you can online wait for the musics, so have fun...

Menu Loop

Long - Madness Visit


2010-03-12 01:10:20 by Xargonus

I hope you like that flash.

Musics submited on Audio Portal, waiting for reveal.


2009-10-06 11:03:43 by Xargonus

Sry, I dont want animate anything during next months.

I created c00l music for my brother.
Read more at his page.

Actum 3 : ???

2009-04-16 06:46:43 by Xargonus

I'am now creating Actum 3 : ???. I reveal it at madness day 09. Now i reveal only small screenshot.....

16.April : It has now 330 frames !
1.May : It has now 366 frames !
16.May : It has now 453 frames !
1.June : It has now 453 frames !

1st screenshot here :

Actum 2 : The return

2009-01-16 05:03:12 by Xargonus

I'am now creating my new animation, bugs in first animation are fixed ( i think ). To newgrounds i post it at 1.April.

16.January : it has now 64,4 seconds !
1.February : it has now 86,9 seconds !
1.March : It has now 106,2 seconds !
27.March : It is complete !

1. Screenshot you may find at

2. Screenshot you may find at

3. Screenshot you may find at